About Us

Fahri Öksüz started to work with a small shop in 1945, selling the nuts at the bottom of the historical building which hosts the first meeting of Hatay State with its brothers. Later on, she managed to become famous with her Turkish Delight with her children.

Öksüzler Marketing and Trade Limited Company, which is one of the pioneer companies in the region for the production, sale and sale of special candies prepared for delights, coffee and special occasions for 71 years, is carrying out the trademark registration with the children of philanthropic businessman Fahri Öksüz together with Zihni Öksüz and Adnan Öksüz. among the sample firms.

Öksüzler, which is one of the leading companies of the region with its brand registration and modern and contemporary facilities, is taking the full notes from its buyers both in Turkey and abroad with its pistachio, hazelnut and walnut varieties produced by adopting the principle of increasing the quality of production by prioritizing customer satisfaction and health. has become a brand.